The VisInfo prototype is available online for the public. [more]


The VisInfo project - Visual Access to Research Data – aims to develop innovative approaches for interactive, graphical access to research data in digital libraries. The goal of the project therefore is the development and prototypical implementation of innovative approaches for interactive, graphical access to research data, to present it in the information retrieval process and make it searchable in the best possible way. The project currently focuses on content-based visual search and presentation of time-oriented data of primary research data from earth and climate sciences.

VisInfo - Result Visualization

Due to technical advances in acquisition, processing and storage of primary research data, increasing amounts of primary research data are available in digital libraries. With the increasing availability of research data new requirements and challenges for precise search and retrieve functionalities are rising.

In contrast to text documents, research data, with its graphic vizualisations, places different demands on indexing, searchability and presentation in the information retrieval process. In the project, data analysis processes as well as visual search systems are being studied and developed further, with their prototypical implementation being evaluated in the GetInfo specialized portal by the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). The objective is not only the immediate search in research data, but also metadata based searches.

The requirements in respect of the search process, as well as the presentation of search results from the users’ perspective are to be intensively studied and the findings incorporated into the development process.

Project funding

The VisInfo project was funded by the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft during a time period of three years (2010-2012) within the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation. The TIB is the project leader of VisInfo.