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VisInfo Questionnaire

VisInfo is a joint research project of the Interactive Graphics Systems Group (GRIS), TU Darmstadt, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research (Fraunhofer IGD) and the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), in cooperation with the Alfred-Wegener Institute (AWI).

We kindly ask for your expertise and help in the evaluation of our visual search tool.

The analysis of the questionnaire will be anonymous. The results of the questionnaire will support the further development of the prototype.

The main focus of the VisInfo system is to provide visual-interactive access to research data to support data-driven science and digital scholarship. In return, the data content and the metadata of large time-oriented research data repositories is taken into account. Based on the Exploratory Search concept, VisInfo enables to EXPLORE large research data repositories by an overview visualization (‘Visual Catalog’) of the data content and an additional information drill-down functionality. Further, VisInfo provides visual SEARCH functionality by using a content-based example query from the Visual Catalog or by drawing a new sketch query in the Sketch Editor. Retrieved research data can be analyzed in a list-based, a geo-based and a time-based visualization. The three different perspectives support the user in receiving different ‘views’ of the data and enable the user to use facets. Hyperlinks in the metadata of the retrieved research data documents allow for accessing the external data repository PANGAEA.

Before you start the VisInfo questionnaire we recommend:

  • you watch the VisInfo prototype demonstration video below, where the exploratory search concept is illustrated by a walkthrough example.
  • and try out the VisInfo prototype by yourself.
    [Notice: You may see a dialog window in your browser when accessing the prototpye. If you are asked to stop the script while loading... proceed!.]
  • and then visit the VisInfo questionnaire.

Watch the Screencast in high resolution.

Please visit the VisInfo questionnaire.